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Finished Beacon Tower   The finished Captive Column Airport Beacon Tower. (54k)

Built in three tapering sections, this 45-foot Captive Column Airport Beacon Tower was designed and constructed at Bob's Welding in Quincy California. The principal builders were Bob Moskitis (owner of Bob's Welding), and Jack Greenspan, with Lawrence Bosch acting as a consultant on the project. The Beacon Tower was built in three hand-made sections, which were later joined together. The final fiberglass covering was applied at the Feather River College Armory.

The finished Captive Column Beacon Tower was light enough to be driven to its mountaintop location and erected with a pickup truck and manpower alone.

The following photos and text chronicle this Captive Column event:

Components The basic components of the Beacon Tower. (27k)
Wrapping A Section Mr. Bosch making some adjustments as a section is wrapped by hand. This Beacon Tower project was a low budget affair. (23k)
Lamp Assembly A close up of the lamp assembly shows how easy it is to make attachments. (23k)
In Quincy The Beacon Tower going through Quincy to its mountaintop destination. A stop was made at the local newspaper to try and get some press, but the editor refused to send out a reporter. (20k)
In The Mountains The light weight of the Captive Column allowed the tower to be driven to the mountaintop on an ordinary pickup truck. Installing a conventional tower of this size usually required a helicopter and a crew of men on the ground. (39k)
Raising The Tower Hoisting the Beacon Tower to its vertical position. The foundation had a triangular metal plate with a custom hinge embedded in it. The hinge allowed the tower to be mounted to the foundation while lying on its side. The tower was then simply rotated to a vertical position using manpower. (26k)


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