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This prototype Captive Column Catamaran had a length of 20 feet, a beam of 10 feet, a mast height of 31 feet, and sail area of 235 square feet. Since the prototype was overdesigned it weighed 450 pounds. An optimized version could weigh less than 200 pounds.

Since the boat was built of fiberglass it was corrosion proof. Each longitudinal Captive Column compartment (formed by the core) was watertight, so it could stay afloat even if a compartment were punctured in an accident. The entire boat (except for the mast) was made of Captive Columns.

John Brant constructed this prototype with the help of a friend. Mr. Bosch acted as a consultant on the project. It was featured in the March 8, 1971 issue of Design News, which devoted entire cover of the magazine. We can't show the cover page due to copyright considerations.

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