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A Construction Industry Breakthrough Technology - The Captive Column Invention

Captive Columns Are Very Light...

...And Very Strong!

Welcome to the Captive Column Web Site. You have just stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets of the 20th century!

In a nutshell, the Captive Column is a breakthrough in construction technology. It was invented in 1965 by an American and has the following attributes:

Arrow It can be used to make just about anything: airplanes, boats, bridges, light poles -- you name it.
Arrow It is incredibly strong for its weight, regardless of the materials used for its construction (the beam in the photos above was made of balsa wood and fiberglass). This makes it much more efficient than comparable construction techniques.
Arrow It can be amazingly cheap to make either by hand labor or by machine.
Arrow It can be made in factories or on site.

These are just some of the properties of the Captive Column, so if all this is true, then where has it been for the last 32+ years? Only now, with the rise of the Internet, can you be properly informed about this remarkable invention. Everything in this web site is true, but at this point only the surface of the Captive Column story has been scratched. For example, each event in the Time Line has an extensive story behind it, so this web site will be fleshed out as time permits. Be sure to come back from time to time for updates.

The Captive Column concept has been published many times. Unfortunately, the media has downplayed its potential, and in some cases downright trashed it or refused to publish it at all. For example, the photos you see at the top of this page were taken at one of the first public demonstrations of the Captive Column. They, and many others like them, were always made available to publications prior to a story being written up. In many cases, reporters took their own photos like these at similar demonstrations. Why does the media refuse to publish such unbelievable photo combinations? Take a look at the rest of this web site and decide for yourself.

What's inside...

Arrow The How It Works section gives a complete overview of how and why the Captive Column works.
Arrow The Time Line is probably the most interesting section to visit. From the day the Captive Column was invented to today, the Time Line "Lays it all out" in chronological order. Many of the more significant events provide links to pages with more detailed information, including photos.
Arrow The Publications section provides a list of the publications that the Captive Column has appeared in. You will need to go to the library for these since there appears to be no references to the Captive Column on the entire Internet, even though it's been published over 50 times.
Arrow The Challenges section explains some basic reasons why the Captive Column is not being used in society today.
Arrow The Quotes section provides some interesting insight into the reactions that people have had to the Captive Column over the years.
Arrow The Photo Gallery has many thumbnails of Captive Column prototypes and other photos. These thumbnails point to other sections of this web site with related pictures and text.
Arrow The Inventor section gives a short biography on Lawrence R. Bosch, the inventor of the Captive Column.
Arrow The Patent section gives a look at the Captive Column patent (Number 3,501,880) issued to Lawrence R. Bosch by the United States Patent Office in 1970.

How you can reach us...

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