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Mr. Bosch has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Captive Column works better than other construction techniques by orders of magnitude. It has also been proven to work through studies done by universities and government agencies. Products made of the Captive Column can conserve our natural resources by using less material and being lighter to transport. They can be cheaper to make, and if the situation warrants it, can even be made on site (space stations, bridges).  To top it all off, Captive Columns can save lives by making safer light poles, stronger aircraft, better boats -- the list goes on and on.

On March 24, 1987, the Captive Column patent expired after 22 years of effort by Mr. Bosch and his family. Now it's 1998, over 32 years since the Captive Column was invented. Up to this point Mr. Bosch has been unsuccessful in marketing the Captive Column due to the overwhelming opposition of big business, the media, and even the U.S. Government. The Captive Column simply threatened too many established companies, and none of them were willing to adopt it without complete control (see Challenges).

Unfortunately, Americans can now expect to see their Captive Column products imported from other countries. It's just another case of an incredible American technology being given away to the rest of the world. America could have been the leader, but at this point it seems destined to follow. Many people (probably foreigners) will become very rich selling Captive Columns, but the inventor won't see a penny of it.

As for Mr. Bosch, instead of getting the American dream of making it big on his invention, all he got was over 32 years of heartache. Imagine 32+ years of roadblocks built of Big Business Greed. The inventor wanted to spread the wealth but learned a nasty lesson instead. It may sound paranoid, but just go through this web site and judge for yourself. The day will come when the Captive Column is as common a sight as the light bulb. Unfortunately, its creator, Lawrence R. Bosch, probably won't live to see that day. And that, my friends, truly is a tragedy.

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