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Ultralight Glider Artists rendition of the Captive Column Ultralight Glider, drafted in 1969. (39k)
Wing Spar Ribs The wing ribs that were to be used in the glider. The large square hole toward the top of each rib is where the Captive Column wing spar would have gone. (39k)

This Captive Column Ultralight Glider was envisioned by Mr. Bosch in 1969 -- long before the ultralight aircraft market took shape. As the above photo shows, construction was actually under way. The wing ribs were finished and the wing spars were under construction when Mr. Bosch had to abandon the project due to lack of funds. This design called for the wing spars and the fuselage to be made out of Captive Columns.

Here are the original specifications:

Wing Span: 20 feet total
Length: 7.5 feet total
Empty Weight: 50 pounds total (estimate)
Aspect Ratio: 5.7
Stall: 30 mph (estimate)
Take-off: 35 mph (estimate)
Cruise: 37 mph (estimate)
Maximum Speed: 90 mph (estimate)
Wing Airfoil: 15% reflex with constant chord
Wing Chord: 3.5 feet
Wing Area: 70 square feet
Wing Loading: 3.6 pounds per square foot (with 200 pound load)


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