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arrow1.gif (893 bytes) Time Line - 1965: Lawrence R. Bosch Invents The Captive Column...
Dirigible The inspiration for the Captive Column invention. Mr. Bosch had always wanted to help revive the Airship (Dirigible). In attempting to come up with a lighter and cheaper method of construction, he invented the Captive Column. (25k)

After coming up with the idea of the Captive Column, Mr. Bosch immediately made a small model for testing. It weighed about 3 pounds and held an 800-pound load. Mr. Bosch knew right away that he was on to something. He quickly took a model to his patent attorney, who then made the comment "You've really done it this time Larry."

Since Mr. Bosch was not an engineer, he started looking for help to draft the patent. He talked to many engineers but none of them would help -- even though they would be paid for their time. After many frustrating conversations, Mr. Bosch was forced to write the patent on his own.

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