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Finished Moorhead Windmill Tower The finished Captive Column Windmill Tower. This 45 foot tower was located at the Moorhead Minnesota golf course and may still be there. (14k)

This windmill tower was constructed as part of a joint effort between Mr. Bosch and the Moorhead Area Vocational Institute. The following photos and text describe this prototype:

Winding Jig Mr. Bosch and the Windmill Tower resting in its winding jig. This beam was made totally by hand. (24k)
The Foundation Pouring the foundation. A special metal plate with custom hinges was embedded in the foundation. This allowed the tower to be mounted while in a horizontal position. (34k)
Windmill Mount The windmill mount on the top of the tower. (21k)
Ready To Raise The Captive Column getting mounted to its base. After attaching it to the hinge, the tower was pivoted to a vertical position. After being raised, the base plate mounted to the bottom of the Captive Column was bolted to the foundation. The holes in the corners of the base plate were for this purpose. (23k)
Raising The Tower Raising the tower. This Captive Column was heavier than most (less than 1,000 pounds), so a small crane was needed. Low quality 1-inch diameter steel columns (rebar) and a heavier core (pine) contributed to the weight. The tower could be lowered in a similar fashion to facilitate maintenance of the windmill. (16k)


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