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Polyturbine Front Mr. Bosch with his Polyturbine windmill prototype in 1973. (49k)
Polyturbine Back Back View of the Polyturbine. (28k)

Mr. Bosch built the first prototype of his Polyturbine windmill at the height of the energy crisis in 1973. Mr. Bosch had invented this Polyturbine windmill design in the 1950s, and had hoped to help usher in the Hydrogen Economy by placing legions of them at remote locations. These remote windmills would have been used to generate Hydrogen, which would be picked up at regular intervals by Captive Column dirigibles or some other method. As Donald Trump once said, "As long as you're going to think anyway, think big."

The photo above, taken in 1973, shows the inventor with his Polyturbine prototype. Full-scale versions would have used twelve double-taper Captive Column beams around the circumference. The taper of the beams would have been calculated so that they would form a circle when used together. Beam lengths of just 50 feet would have produced a windmill with a diameter of 200 feet. The pitch of the sails could be controlled to make the best use of prevailing wind conditions.

Unlike conventional windmill designs, the Polyturbine worked extremely well in low winds. This prototype ran and produced power (using bicycle light generators) in 5-mph breezes in the inventor's San Jose California back yard. Another unique feature was the power take off mechanism. Instead of using a heavy-duty gearbox at the hub, the Polyturbine had a belt around its circumference, taking advantage of the difference between the windmill and generator shaft diameters. The entire windmill could be easily dismantled for shipping.

Mr. Bosch never bothered to patent his Polyturbine design since it could only be made practical through the use of Captive Columns. At this point however, Mr. Bosch would welcome investors to help him patent this design. Just e-mail him at and make him an offer. This Polyturbine is just one of the many inventions that Mr. Bosch has come up with over the years.

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