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This Captive Column Scuba Boat was built to show the design flexibility of the Captive Column. Early objections to the usefulness of Captive Columns included the rumor that fittings and attachments were difficult, if not impossible, to design. As you can see in the photos below, this Captive Column Scuba Boat included many fittings.

Mr. Bosch proved that designing fittings and attachments was a simple matter as he continued to build more prototypes of Captive Column products.

Scuba Boat The Scuba Boat main hull, outrigger beam, and outrigger floats were of Captive Column construction. (20k)
Hatch Open Hatch cover, outrigger beam, and rope attachment holes in the main hull shows the design flexibility of Captive Column construction. The central section of the column/core assembly was reinforced to compensate for skin filaments that were cut away for the hatch cover. (20k)
Attaching Outrigger Outrigger beams slid into fittings encased in the outrigger float. The outrigger beam also slid through a fitting encased in the main hull, which permitted disassembly for transportation. Photo shows craft prior to the application of the fiberglass surface coat. (23k)
In Use Outrigger beam handled torsion and bending loads while permitting easy boarding of the main float. This photo shows the finished Scuba Boat hitting the high seas. (10k)


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