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Tanker In Los Altos Backyard   The tanker prototype as seen in the inventors backyard. (20k).

Mr. Bosch built this prototype in his backyard in 1965. Made entirely of fiberglass, it demonstrated the ease with which the Captive Column could be scaled up in size. Unfortunately, in 1967 officials from Santa Clara County and the city of Los Altos paid a visit. They told Mr. Bosch that his neighbors had signed a petition complaining of its presence, and that he needed to get rid of it or face legal action. This surprised Mr. Bosch since he had not heard any complaints and the structure could not be seen from any street in the neighborhood. It was kept in a fenced backyard and was only visible from a freeway about 1/2 mile away (Mr. Bosch lived on a hill).

Mr. Bosch wound up donating this Captive Column to Marine World, which wanted to use it as a large fish-shaped sign. It was never seen after the donation, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

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